Rags are outward symbols of the acceptance of an inner challenge for personal and Christian growth. Those wishing to accept the challenge of a particular Rag must be first receive one-on-one counseling by a qualified counselor. A qualified counselor for the Blue Rag is a program/directing staff member or a cabin counselor at least 16 years of age who is a Ragger. Campers may not counsel other campers for the Blue Rag. For the Silver, Brown, Gold, Red and Purple Rags, a qualified counselor is a fellow Ragger who is at the same or further step than the Rag the candidate is accepting. For those accepting the challenge of the White Rag, a qualified counselor is a feallow White Ragger.

Each Rag, identified by a specific color, entails two distinct sets of challenges: 1) to grow closer to God by living and understanding a specific set of Christian attributes (themes), and 2) a personal challenge for growth and improvement. The first set of challenges are universal to all Raggers of the same step (color), while the second set of challenges is unique to each individual. With sufficient notice, a Rag may be tailored to a specific faith other than Christian (i.e., Jewish, Hindu, etc.). However, the central focus remains the same: becoming closer to God by living and understanding specific virtues (themes) and self-improvement by accepting and accomplishing personal challenges/goals.

Candidates who wish to accept the challenges of a Rag must meet minimum age requirements. These are listed in the table below, along with the specific set of Christian attributes associated with each Rag. It should be noted that physical age alone does not determine the minimal age requirement for Rags. These numbers are the minimal ages when candidates may consider pursuing a particular Rag. In order to be eligible for any Rag, the candidate must possess the proper level of maturity to fully understand and take serious responsibility for the challenges contained in a particular Rag step.

Leather Corresponding Challenge Age
Triange To grow in body, mind, and spirit 9
Square To grow in body, mind, spirit and friendship 10
Circle To expand one's circle of concern 11
Rag Corresponding Challenge Age
Blue Loyalty to God, country, one's best self and the Raggers' Creed 12
Silver  The challenge of acceptance or rededication to, the Christian way of life or spiritual growth  13
Brown The challenge for Christian Service      14
Gold The challenge for understanding and concern for others                15
Red The challenge of sacrifice of time, talent, and personal will               16
Purple The challenge towards excellence and noble living in all Christian service opportunities    18
White A Challenge for a Life of Full-Time Christian Service           21


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